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Collaborative agenda in Google Calendar. Meeting plan and timely reminders in Google Meet.

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Run productive meetings

Team meeting planning becomes easy with Naratta's agenda in Google Calendar events. Google Meet facilitation is simpler than ever with visible plans and reminders.


How does it work?

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    1. Create an agenda

    Create an agenda for your meeting with your team, using Naratta to estimate timeframes in Google calendar.

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    2. Get notified during the meeting

    Naratta alerts participants in Google Meet when their discussion is nearing its end so they can manage their time wisely, follow the plan, and make sure they meet the agenda.

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    3. Control it

    Once your team has finished discussing an item, mark it done and move on. If more time is needed, extend the discussion for the set time.

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You can use Naratta on Chrome-based browsers for Google Meet calls. Support for Zoom, MS Teams, and Slack will be available soon.

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"I believe this product is capable of solving the meeting-related problems I face almost every day at my work. Excited to see it grow and try Naratta when it becomes accessible on other meeting platforms."

Denys KhaninProduct Manager at ADVA Soft
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Make meeting moderation simpler

Managers and moderators can use Naratta to plan and conduct meetings, with new note-taking and automated follow-up features on the way.

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