Meet Naratta's foudners

Naratta is a US-based company with the goal of making meetings effective and efficient in every organization.

We believe that real-time AI meeting facilitators are the future that almost every organization will use. Imagine a professional meeting moderator who can join any call in your company and make it efficient and effective.







Our story

Since Danny's and Ilya's first year in college, they have been passionate about building products together. Both of them have worked in tech for a while and have participated in many unproductive meetings. This experience sparked them to create Naratta to ensure meetings are always effective and efficient.

Naratta's name means "meeting" in Ukrainian - which is the founders' mother tongue. Our logo features a bell that symbolizes AI notifications to stay on track with the goal of a meeting.

Our mission

Make every meeting productive. The problem of inefficient and ineffective meetings is what almost any growing and established organization experiences. We ensure businesses can focus on what matters instead of suffering in meetings.

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