How to use it?

Video tutorial

Naratta is best experienced when every team member has it installed.


Open the Naratta pop-up from the browser toolbar and sign in with your Google account.

  1. 1. Create an agenda in Google Calendar

    Start creating a usual Google Calendar event or click the existing one.

    Scroll to the bottom to interact with Naratta's Agenda planner.

    Add meeting topics, edit, and share them with your team!

    Add private meeting notes to prepare for the meeting.

  2. 2. Facilitate and take notes in Google Meet

    When you start your meeting, your timely agenda appears at the top-left corner.

    Control the flow of the topics or edit them if needed.

    Take private meeting notes directly in Google Meet.

    You can access your notes any time via Calendar.

  3. 3. Follow up with Your team with Google Meet / Calendar

    Form a follow-up email in 1 click and send it to your team!

    Remember that you can always do it from Meet or Calendar if you prefer to do that after the meetings.


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